Gateway Sells Three Vancouver-Area Gambling Properties to American Investors

One of Canada’s largest and most diversified casino operator Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Limited (“Gateway”) officially announced that it inked a sale-lease-back agreement for up to three Vancouver properties worth over C$500 million with American investors. Under the “Sale-Leaseback” agreement, Mesirow Realty Sale-Leaseback will be the new landlord of the three Vancouver-based properties, including the Grand Villa Casino Burnaby, Starlight Casino New Westminster, and Cascades Casino Langley. Gateway expects to collect C$483 million from net proceeds.
Rumours about Gateway selling three of its Vancouver-area casinos in a sale/ leaseback transaction to foreign investors have been a constant last year. In June 2017, Gateway Executive Chairman Gabriel de Alba told interviewers from Reuters that the company may sign a sale-lease-back agreement with international developers by the third quarter of 2017. Gateway’s official did not provide any specific details regarding the names of the interested parties, but the information was enough to give rise to a number of speculations.
In December last year, Gateway entered into the sale/ leaseback agreement but it was pending regulatory approvals from the British Columbia regulators. According to the latest updates, the two parties received the go-ahead to seal the deal. The Sale-Leaseback transaction is expected to close by the end of March after meeting certain customary closing conditions and arranging the final documentation.
Under the lease, Gateway will continue to operate the casinos. The company detailed that there are no planned changes to employees or operations at these locations. It is interesting to mention that Gateway’s portfolio includes licenses for undeveloped land with no facilities. The total value of its real estate portfolio outside the three Vancouver sites amounts to over C$200 million. Gateway significantly expanded its footprint on the casino gambling market in Canada through a number of acquisition deals.
Gateway Continues to Expand on the Gambling Market
In 2010, Toronto-based private equity firm The Catalyst Capital Group Inc. bought Gateway Casinos, helping it to climb out of the financial hole and reduce its net debt by about C$1 billion. The Catalyst Capital Group managed to successfully rebuild and restructure the company. Eventually, the company managed to launch an initial public offering (IPO) that would raise funds to enhance the company’s persistent growth on the market.
The Burnaby-headquartered Gateway currently operates a number of properties across Canada. Gateway has managed to become Canada’s largest gaming company with Ontario expansion. Currently, Gateway has several projects in its cards, including a rebranding and renovation of the Palace Casino at the West Edmonton Mall, Chances Playtime Campbell River and Point Edward casino. In addition to that, the company plans to build a C$70 million entertainment complex in Delta.

Pakistan Bans Gambling-Related Content on TV during Holy Month

As an Islamic country, Pakistan observes the Holy Month of Ramadan (also known as Ramadhan or Ramzan) and this year, the Islamabad High Court has decided to ban all gambling-related content on TV channels during that time. This includes all lottery shows, either aired live or recorded, and even lotteries offering tickets for Hajj and Umrah, the Islamic pilgrimages to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
Although Pakistan is not particularly friendly to gambling, especially to some forms of games and betting, it tolerates certain types of lotteries, namely the so-called prize bond draws. Although illegal, they are extremely popular and tickets for them can be purchased from hundreds of dealers around the country. Another widely spread type of gambling is the underground betting on cricket and horse races. The TV entertainment shows and advertisements that feature gambling and lottery-related content are also quite widespread, as there are lotteries that offer tickets for the otherwise expensive Islamic pilgrimages to Mecca, Hajj and Umrah.
However, all this will be banned during the upcoming Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, which is observed all around the world. It starts May 15 and continues through June 14 this year, which means that television channels in Pakistan will not be allowed to broadcast anything even remotely related to gambling or betting for an entire month. The decision was announced Wednesday when the Islamabad High Court warned several TV hosts to “maintain decorum” during the Holy Month.
During a hearing, Justice Shaukar Aziz Siddiqui said that any games of chance, whether that would be lucky draws or distributing Umra tickets, are against the spirit of the Holy Month. He compared lottery shows with “circus” and said that such content should not be allowed. He then directed the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to issue notices to several anchors who, according to him, introduced practices of “romping around” during the Holy Month. If these TV hosts, including Amir Liaquat, Faisal Qureshi, Fahad Mustafa, Sahir Lodhi and Waseem Badami, do not comply with the temporary ban, they will face a lifetime ban from television and media.
More Content Banned by the High Court
According to the judges, gambling is not the only thing that should be removed from TV programmes during Ramazan. The content aired during that time should keep and respect the “integrity” and “sanctity” of the month, they believe. This is why there will also be a complete ban on advertisements, dramas and films of foreign origin, India in particular. Normally, up to 10 per cent of all TV content can be foreign and it may be-be aired but is subject to approval by a special committee and PEMRA.
The Islamabad High Court also banned a number of entertainment programs which are appearing to be like a circus show during the Holy Month. This, according to Justice Shaukar Aziz Siddiqui, will provide an atmosphere in accordance with the teachings and requirement of Islam. In addition, all TV channels should broadcast a call to prayer five times a day. Another move that seems a bit too restrictive is the requirement that only individuals with no less than a Ph.D. degree can speak on religious matters.

Court Dismisses Ajax Appeal against Durham Live Casino Project

The Town of Ajax is apparently losing the battle with its neighbour, Pickering, over which community should have a full-fledged casino within a year or two. On Tuesday, the Divisional Court dismissed an appeal filed by Ajax against the Durham Live in Pickering, which means the casino project can now move forward.
In April, Great Canadian Gaming Corp. officially announced the development of a gambling and entertainment centre in Pickering, called Durham Live. However, the campaign for building a casino in the city had started back in 2017, when many city councillors and even Mayor Dave Ryan declared their support for the project. If Durham Live opens in 2019, as planned, the existing Ajax facility would need to close. According to provincial rules, the Durham Region can have only one gaming venue and the current operator of Ajax鈥檚 casino has chosen Pickering for the new venue.
Durham Live, as it would be called, is designed to be much more than a casino. It would be built at Church and Bayly Streets, which means it would be almost on the border between Ajax and Pickering. Along with the gaming floor, it would have a convention centre, at least two hotels, and a water park, as well as office space and even a film studio. It seems the project is envisioned as a large-scale gaming, entertainment and cultural centre that would bring in a large number of tourists to the region. In addition, it would generate around $20 million to $25 million annually in hosting fees to the city.
Meanwhile, the Town of Ajax does not want to lose its casino as it also fills up city coffers and provides hundreds of jobs to the area. It appealed a ruling issued last year by the Ontario Municipal Board, which gave the Pickering project the green light.
Serious Concerns Still Exist, Ajax Says
Although Ajax鈥檚 appeal was dismissed by the court on Tuesday, the town plans to continue the fight for keeping its gaming facility. It claims it is one of the most successful casinos in North America, although as a host community, it receives an annual payment of up to $7 million from the venue. While this is not much, this share of the gaming revenue is, apparently attractive enough for Ajax. The town is now urging the province to take action and investigate the casino deal that allowed Great Canadian to acquire all gaming facilities in the region from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.
Ajax now issued a statement, in which it says there are still serious concerns that need to be addressed such as the negative impact of the casino on the historic Pickering Village. Some experts also warn that the proposed facility would lead to traffic problems as the infrastructure was not built for a lot of vehicles. The town calls for the new provincial politicians, namely Progressive Conservatives Doug Ford and Rod Phillips, to look into the controversial GTA Gaming Bundle, as they promised during the campaign.
According to some progressive conservatives, the OLG and the liberal government sold the gaming assets in this 鈥渂undle鈥?for much less than their real cost. As a result, Great Canadian generated a huge profit, opponents of the deal claim.

Shorelines Casino Peterborough Is What Community Needed, Say New Venue’s Visitors

Hundreds of gambling enthusiasts have already visited Shorelines Casino Peterborough during the official opening of the new gambling venue on Monday. Reportedly, many of them have found that this was the type of entertainment facility which the area was missing.
The Shorelines Casino Peterborough was established as part of the upgrades brought to the gambling houses of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG). The construction works were funded by a consortium headed by the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation. For the time being, both the Shorelines Casino Belleville and the Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands are operated by the consortium, as well as the slot machines situated at the Kawartha Downs racetrack.

Join us at our official Grand Opening, Monday October 15 at 5PM! We cannot wait to show you our new home! Enjoy 22 table games, 500 slot machines, all you can eat buffet, restaurant & more! Be one of the first 2,500 to enter and receive a commemorative gift!
— Shorelines Casino Peterborough (@ShorelinesCPTBO) October 12, 2018

According to media reports, the new Shorelines Casino in Peterborough is to create job positions for 300 people. The casino also offers 500 slot machines as well as 20 gaming tables. The visitors of the casino also have two restaurants available, and a hotel is currently under construction in a very close proximity to the casino.
The economic benefits which the Shorelines Casino Peterborough is expected to bring to the community have already been highlighted by the Mayor of Peterborough Daryl Bennett. Despite the fact that some anti-gambling campaigners have shared their concerns with the potential negative impact which the venue’s opening could have on people who suffer from problem gambling.
Ontario Government Will Not Remove Kawartha Downs’ Slot Machines
As Casino Reports has previously revealed, the Great Canadian Gaming has been planning to remove all Shorelines Slots at Kawartha Downs racetrack following the opening of the Peterborough Casino. Earlier in October, The Peterborough Examiner’s unnamed sources shared that many of Kawartha Downs slot machines have been moved to a new site, while the remaining terminals are expected to be moved to Toronto.
At the beginning of October, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 2, which represents food and beverage workers at Shorelines Slots, has called for Premier Doug Ford to keep his promise regarding the slot machines and leave some machines at the venue even after the new Peterborough Casino starts operation.

Shorelines Casino Peterborough is opening Monday, Oct. 15 at 5 p.m., says the operator. Ribbon-cutting at 5 p.m.
— Joelle Kovach (@JoelleKovach) October 11, 2018

A week later, on October 12th, the Ontario Government revealed its plans to back the horse racing industry. In addition, agreements in principles were reached to leave some slot machines at Ajax Downs and Kawartha Downs. The Minister of Finance, Vic Fedeli, revealed in a statement that an agreement was reached on measures that include financial help or slot machines installation at the afore-mentioned racetracks as a form of direct support to the local communities and the industry.
For the time being, customers are not allowed to access Kawartha Downs’ slot machines but a promise has been made by the management that the terminals will be available as soon as possible. The province of Ontario has also revealed a commitment to provide the facilities with an additional funding in order to keep horse racing to Fort Erie and Dresden.

North Bay Finally Ready to Set Cascades Casino Details in Stone this Wednesday

North Bay is on the verge of making a crucial decision when it comes to the future construction of the future casino venue overseen by Gateway Casinos. This Wednesday is set to bring a long-anticipated meeting held by the City Council which would make known the exact location of the gaming facility, in addition to the essential arrangement making sure the revenue generated is utilized for everything needed across the community.
The most recent statement comes after a period of many speculations and questions about the future of this casino venue, set to bring quite the improvement to North Bay and the region in general. Its operation is projected to benefit neighboring communities to the liking of Callander Township and East Ferris. It is high time that the North Bay community had the opportunity to learn more about the project which has been in the works for months now.
Information DIsclosed Up to This Point
The meeting held this Wednesday will give the official green light to the project, as local officials are expected to issue a permit for operation to Gateway Casinos, solidifying its position in the market. This would identify that the project is indeed going to happen, boosting the economy of the region and providing individuals with the chance to join the workforce of Cascade Casino.
Furthermore, this meeting is expected to dedicate its time to another important aspect of the future operation on site, as it is projected to establish the final location of the casino resort. There have been several considered locations for it, as the casino developer and operator has previously proposed the North Bay Regional Health Center just off Highway 17. Following several weeks of discussions with the Ministry of Transportation regarding the future project, they were scrapped.
September brought the news that the casino operator has shifted its focus on another more suitable parcel of land, as they were too many variables and uncertainties to the proposed parcel of land. The last known proposal for a land lot is a 7-acre parcel of land situated in the vicinity of Highway 11, which is considered to bring many individuals to the venue and make their access to it easier.
Essential Agreement Set to be Discussed
In addition to this two crucial points of the scheduled meeting, there is also going to be the third point of discussion, taking care of the Municipality Contribution Agreement, eyed by individuals from near and far. With the help of this agreement, operation of the future casino venue is going to be mutually beneficial to all entities involved and bring an economical boost at the end of the day.
The information came from the City of North Bay’s Chief Administrative Officer Keith Robicheau, who filed his resignation this Tuesday. Up until this point the region has had a contribution arrangement mandating that some 5.25 percent of the first CA$65 million amassed via Electronic Gaming Revenue for the given fiscal year is allocated to the host community which has welcomed the casino venue. In addition to that, there is also a 4-percent portion of the Live Table Games Revenue which is also utilized by the given region.
Future operation of the casino venue overseen by Gateway Casinos is projected to provide a steady permanent employment to as many as 200 individuals from the region, willing to join the staff of the leading casino company. What should be pointed out is that the casino operation is also going to boost other businesses in the region, as it is going to utilize their offerings in order to supply the location with everything necessary.
The crucial meeting is going to take place at 5 p.m. at the City Council, providing more information regarding the upcoming weeks of development. It is going to bring an end to a period of prolonged anticipation and lack of information.

North Bay Votes 8-3 in Favor of Cascades Casino Construction, Residents Outraged

North Bay said Yes to the proposed casino venue operated by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment following an extensive meeting at the City Hall this Wednesday. The highly-anticipated congregation held a special vote striving to decide whether or not a gaming venue should be constructed in the region of the city, and the idea received a nod after an 8-3 vote in favor.
The City Council was preparing for this meeting since it had the main objective to shed more light on the gambling future of the region. Officials also had to make sure that once it receives their approval, the casino venue will have all additional arrangements clarified and set in stone, as its future operation depends on them. About two hours were necessary for the public presentations in the City Hall to take place, providing enough time for everyone to learn more about the upcoming Cascades Casino.
Heated City Hall Meeting Holds Vote
A vacant land lot in the vicinity of Pinewood Park Drive is projected to welcome the new casino venue, but one of the avid opposers of the project, City Councilor Mark King was among the first ones to make an attempt to slow down the process of voting. He stated that there are now too many recently joined councilors and they need more time to catch up with the situation and take it all in.
The magnitude of this gambling expansion on a city level is quite a lot to comprehend, which is why he claimed that the individuals need more time before they cast their vote. Mr. King pointed out that the casino developer and operator Gateway Casinos is constantly touting the 200 new job positions provided by the new gaming venue, but there is more to it. At the moment there are about 400 vacant jobs across the city and nobody interested in applying for them.
Neighboring communities could also benefit. When it comes to the voting this Wednesday, it transformed the City Hall into a heated arena of supporters and opposers of the gaming venue construction. It divided the crowd present on site, as official were prevalently in support of the casino venue. As many as eight of them voted with a yes, whereas only three expressed their discontent with the proposed casino development.
Supporters and Opposers Clash
In the meantime, members of the community present as an audience to the vote were vocal about their opposition. A resident of North Bay even went so far as to claim that the officials have failed to do their job and represent the public position on the subject. The entire meeting bore the spirit of discontentment, as about 20 presentations were held in front of the audience.
All of them raised awareness about the negative impact of a casino venue construction near a city such as North Bay. Among the main concerns for the community is, of course, the impact on the community which will be subjected to the negative effect of a gambling facility. Some of the individuals presenting claimed more time for consideration is necessary and the vote should be postponed.
Once it was time for the vote to take place, only Coun. King, Marcus Tignanelli and Scott Robertson maintained their position against a casino venue construction. The latter two participants in the meeting were new to the subject and decided it will be best if they remain an opposition. Gateway Casinos was not present at the meeting in order to present more details about the future casino venue. Nevertheless, City officials felt confident enough to make the decision, as they have the information needed from previous discussions.

Casino Rama Remains Uncertain about Ontario 2019 Budget’s Actual Impact

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government would seek to introduce free alcohol consumption in casino venues with the help of the recently issued budget for the following year. This is projected to make the locations even more attractive to current and future casino patrons.
It remains uncertain which casino facilities are going to implement the measure in the upcoming months, Casino Rama being among the undecided ones. Free alcohol for every casino patron is a possibility that excites millions of Ontarian casino patrons, as it would mean that their time spent gambling is going to be enriched with the scent of beer.
Drinks on tap are a feature of the newly issued provincial budget bringing many new offerings and active push to previous ideas that could also reshape the gaming field. For the time being, however, there are casino venues that have not made their mind up on introducing this measure to their facility.
Casino Rama Undecided on Free Alcohol
Casino Rama Resort is considered the largest First Nation gaming and hospitality complex located on the reserve land of the Chippewas of Rama First Nation. The location is widely popular among casino enthusiasts, tourists, but also individuals excited to visit some of the many live shows and performances taking place there on a regular basis.
Rob Mitchell is the Director of Communications and Public Affairs for Gateway Casinos & Entertainment, and he pointed out that for the time being the gaming location management remains uncertain whether or not to bring free alcohol to the facility.
This is a position that applies to many of the casino locations overseen by the leading casino operator with influence in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. He made it clear that it is still too soon for action, as the proposed budget would have to be subjected to a detailed review by a committee, which would eventually introduce changes to its structure and details. This is going to eventually result in the official version of the budget and a subsequent plan for action from all casino venues across Ontario.
Budget Still Needs Final Approval
If the budget receives green light without considerable amendments and free alcohol remains on the table, the casino venue in Orillia would have to come up with a way it could introduce the new offering to its existing policy for operation. Many field experts claim that booze and gambling go hand in hand and refer to this budget as the party budget.
Even though it is still in its blueprint state, this nearly 300-page document has already stirred the pot and caused polarized opinion across the province. Even though it is mentioned briefly and in only a couple of sentences, free alcohol should not be overlooked. Promotion of complimentary alcohol to a regular gaming session at the casino venue would change the way Ontario’s gambling sector works.
It is also going to make the field competitive and an equal rival to gaming locations in the United States. For example, Las Vegas is known for its free alcohol policy which increases the time players spend gaming on site of the venue, but also makes them braver when taking risks and potentially losing more cash. Problem gambling research would have to evaluate the risk of bringing free booze to Ontario’s casino venues.

Oshawa Lotto Max Enthusiast Prepares for CA$55M Lotto MAX Jackpot

Lotto MAX has been a hot topic over the past more than a month up until its last draw when the lucky numbers matched those printed on a ticket sold in Oshawa. This means that at the moment one Ontarian is eligible for the generous CA$55-million jackpot and it is only a matter of time before the lucky player contacts Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and claims the hefty prize.
Ever since the last days of February, all eyes have been set on Lotto MAX, which is the most popular lottery game for a reason. February 22 was a special day for someone in British Columbia, as the jackpot hit then reached CA$25.9 million. This was the last Lotto MAX jackpot up until this Friday and the latest regular draw, which changed one player’s life forever. Now it is time for another devoted player to bag their fortune.
Long-Anticipated Jackpot Hit Changes a Life
Players from across the country have been eyeing the lottery game and every single Friday individuals from across Canada have been eagerly anticipating the regular draw. One of them who had purchased a ticket in Oshawa saw Lady Luck’s smile. The fortunate ticket sold has the numbers 01-02-16-21-23-25-28 plus the bonus one 48 printed on itself.
For matching all seven of the regular numbers drawn, the ticket is considered valid. Once the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation checked its database the single-winning ticket was confirmed and the information was issued publicly. All players are now advised to check their lottery tickets and ensure that they are still in possession of them.
It could be recalled that last week a Quebec couple found a CA$1-million ticket hidden in a book about Japan and managed to cash it in only days before its expiration date. In this sense, players should be careful with the priceless pieces of paper that have the potential to change their lives.
April 12 Brings CA$16-million Jackpot
In addition to the information about the jackpot hit, the area in which the lottery ticket was purchased was also specified. This confirmed that the Oshawa region could soon welcome the CA$55-million windfall. Everyone that has bought a Lotto MAX ticket is now a potential winner, but the main prize is not the only way a player could win with Canada’s most popular lottery game.
Ontario saw a generous draw, as more cash prizes went its way as a result of it. St. Thomas is where someone bought a ticket that is now eligible for a Maxmillion prize of CA$1 million. In addition to that, a player from Toronto could very soon bag their Encore CA$1-million prize. Lotto MAX offers more than one way of winning big, which makes it the popular offering that it is.
April 12 is going to see the next regular lottery draw coming with a jackpot of CA$16 million. The interest in participation in it is projected to be high following the recent jackpot hit. It should also be taken into account that May 11 is about to see major changes to the lottery game, such as the addition of a second draw day and main prize limit increase to CA$70 million.

Lotto MAX Survives Once Again, Returns Even Heavier while Lotto 6/49 Gets Lighter

Lottery offerings have been quite active over the past few days, as many enthusiasts bagged their own windfalls and there are also some that would have to contact their provincial lottery corporations in order to receive theirs.
Atlantic Lottery Corporation recently issued a warning that Atlantic Canada players would have to wait until the technical issue is removed, in order to scan their tickets and see reliable confirmation, as winners are not detected by the system.
Lottery winners hailing from the Atlantic provinces would have to hold their breath a little more, as the Crown corporation recently made it clear that its system is experiencing difficulties and it undergoes technical support. The latest Lotto MAX draw took place this Friday and players were looking forward to winning the jackpot it came with, reaching CA$17 million.
Lotto MAX Remains Untouched
This amount was reserved for the ticket matching all seven drawn numbers but, as it turned out there was nobody eligible for it. The draw was still generous and resulted in CA$3,067,162 in cash won, but Atlantic Lottery Corporation has a clarification to make. It announced a technical issue with the ticket verification process that currently keeps players in the dark on their possible win.

Lotto MAX CA$50M Jackpot Snatched, Three Other Slice CA$9M Lotto 6/49 Pile

Such an issue could result in winning tickets being identified as non-winners, which is an undesirable outcome of the situation. The TAG tickets purchased welcomed Friday’s draw with cash prizes reaching CA$100. Compensation of the issue is also up for grabs, as the corporation offers free entry into the upcoming draw on September 10.

Lotto 6/49 Proves Generosity with ENCORE Draw Making Lotto Fans Filthy Rich

The lotto jackpot on September 6 reached CA$17 million but since it remained unclaimed, September 10 would come with an even larger one. This Tuesday’s Lotto MAX jackpot reaches CA$22 million. Meanwhile, Lotto 6/49 enthusiasts have been advised to check their lottery tickets, as there has been a winner.
Lotto 6/49 Returns with CA$5M
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation said that a single ticket sold in Grey Highlands is now eligible for a cash payout of CA$5 million. September 7 brought this jackpot to all players that have purchased a ticket ahead of the draw. Whoever is in possession of the ticket with numbers 25, 28, 37, 38, 42, 48 is now much richer and has 52 weeks to contact the lottery corporation for their prize.

Landscaper Put CA$60M Lotto MAX Ticket in a Safe instead of Cashing It In

The Western Canada Lottery Corporation has also been generous to one player hailing from Calgary, as he is now the newest lotto millionaire of Canada. John Kerkhoven recently bagged the Lotto 6/49 guaranteed CA$1-million prize that came with the August 10 draw, but the news came as a surprise to him.

Lotto MAX CA$60M Jackpot Claimed at the Eleventh Hour, Enhanced Online Gaming by ALC

His subscription ticket guaranteed him the prize and it was not until a lottery corporation worker contacted him that he found out he is eligible for a prize. The Calgary player was more than excited to bag his CA$1-million prize and his plans include traveling with his wife, something the two of them are fond of. Mr. Kerkhoven stated that he wants to enhance the experience and for the time being no larger purchases have been planned.

Fewer People Take a Chance on Shorelines Slots at Kawartha Downs

Traditional casino operation and a slots venue one could showcase the different preferences of players in a given region. This parallel is also evident when looking at Shorelines Casino Peterborough and Shorelines Slots at Kawartha Downs. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recently allocated a gaming revenue slice to Peterborough City, part of which goes to Fraserville too.

However, patrons flow at the slots venue has decreased, as confirmed by Orazio Valente, general manager for Kawartha Downs. This week saw long-anticipates gaming revenue allocations coming from casino venues across the province. Their daily operation calls for financial support of the host community at the end of every quarter, as compensation for gaming. With the help of the Municipal Contribution Agreement city coffers are in for a treat on a regular basis.
Patrons Flow Has Decreased

Peterborough recently bagged some C$866,935 for the past three months of casino gaming at Shorelines Casino. The location that launched operation in the fall of 2018 is already a popular destination for players hailing from across the region. Its diverse offerings attract quite the crowd ready to explore something new and gaming offerings they never found in Shorelines Slots Kawartha Downs.

Kawartha Downs Marks 47 Years of Operation with Lavish Party, Racing, Gaming

The General Manager of the Fraserville racetrack has the chance to monitor that gaming hall’s performance over the past 12 months. Mr. Valente recently shared his observation claiming a concerning downward direction of customers’ flow. He recently said that fewer people make their way there ever since the casino complex launched operation in Peterborough. Regardless of the number of customers, the location still has to support the local horse-racing field with its allocations.

Cheerful Crowd Celebrates Refreshed Shorelines Slots at Kawartha Downs

At the moment there are some 10 slot machines available on the premises of Shorelines Kawartha Downs, only a slice of what it used to feature as gaming potential. The remainder was relocated to the well-rounded casino venue in Peterborough ahead of its opening ceremony in mid-October 2018. Mr. Valente could not talk numbers, as the revenue information is issued by OLG’s financial reports.
Cavan Monaghan Township Relies on Allocations
It could be recalled that the last days of April saw Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation issue a fourth-quarter payment for CA$81,059 to Cavan Monaghan Township for the slots hall operation. The past fiscal year resulted in contribution reaching CA$1,692,634 for the Township, an amount that is used for various roadworks, beautification work, as well as support for local organizations.

Shorelines Casino at Kawartha Downs Returns to Operation after a 9-Week Hiatus

Back in November 1999, the racetrack slots hall welcomed its first patrons as OLG Slots at Kawartha Downs and since then it has supported the community with upwards of CA$60.1 million in non-tax gaming contributions. One of the ways in which the racetrack gaming facility could see customers increase is via the increased live race dates – this year they are 21.

Workers Union Urges Ontario Premier to Keep Promise Regarding Kawartha Downs’ Slot Machines

The month of July, brought Kawartha Downs’ 47th year of operation and celebrations were in order. Fraserville saw a grand birthday party on Saturday, July 13, and everyone is invited to share the joy of the birthday party. Earlier this year, Kawartha Downs racetrack’s owner inked a deal with Romspen Investments Corporation following years of controversy and insecurity and the new management took over.