ORYX Gaming Expands Presence in Romania with Winbet

ORYX Gaming is about to solidify its presence across Europe with a new arrangement with Winbet. It is about to expand the company’s influence in Romania and explore the gaming preferences locals have. Bragg Gaming Group, the parent company would aim to make 2020 yet another successful year filled with partnerships and new market exploration.

When a company is in its beginning stages of development, it relies on the strong partnerships created with success in mind. ORYX Gaming wants to see its foothold expand and reach new individuals that might enjoy its offerings and the premium platform it has in store. Its most recent move eyes the budding Romanian gaming market and everything it could offer in the form of online gambling.
Expansion in the Works

ORYX Gaming inked one of its first collaborations for this year with the Romanian leader Winbet, which also has its influence in South-Eastern Europe. The strong presence of this company proved to be attractive to ORYX Gaming and an agreement was signed. As a result of it, the operator would have easy access to the entire portfolio ORYX Gaming.

ORYX Gaming Brings Fire-Breathing Dragons amid Dynamic Expansion

This would include the proprietary offerings the platform has up for grabs, coming from the collaboration with studios to the likes of Kalamba Games, Gamomat, and Golden Hero. In addition to those, the offering is also going to bring Romanian players closer to the third-party offerings there are available at ORYX Hub. It currently amounts to upwards of 8,000 gaming titles powered by as many as 80 providers worldwide.

Bragg Gaming Touts 30 Pct YOY Surge in Q3, Exceeds Own Expectations

This would ensure that local players have a diverse portfolio for everyday use, able to meet their demands for something new. Moreover, the premium platform sees new releases on a regular basis. Winbet is known for its extensive operation in the region, as it has a licensing issued by Oficiul National Pentru Jocuri de Noroc, but this is not the first operator to team up with ORYX Gaming for Romanian operation.
ORYX Gaming Explores New Markets
It could be recalled that mid-September the Bragg Gaming Group company teamed up with NetBet for expanded local operation. In this sense, local players have already been acquainted with everything up for grabs. This year starts on the right foot, as ORYX Gaming recently announced its first move for 2020 – a collaboration with SkillOnNet that guarantees successful integration of ORYX Gaming’s content on SkillOnNet’s platform.

Bragg Gaming Group Welcomes Weathered Experts Aboard ahead of US Expansion

As a result of this, players of Malta, the UK, Germany, Denmark, as well as Sweden, are about to experience the premium offerings there are up for grabs. Speaking of the first deal of 2020, it makes sense to talk about the last arrangement of 2019 between ORYX Gaming and FullReto.co, the Latin American leading company. More than 250 locations in Colombia offer everything Grupo Vinnare brings.

Keeping Up with the Times: Online Gambling Expansion in Ontario

This is FullRetto.co’s parent company positioning ORYX Gaming well in the local gaming market. As a result, the Bragg Gaming Group company is about to offer both its online gaming offerings and the sports wagering opportunities up for grabs. Croatia has also seen a recent arrangement between Favbet and ORYX Gaming for the introduction of Remote Gaming Server titles, as well as third-party offerings.

Chances Kelowna Hears OK Regarding Controversial Gaming Expansion

Kelowna would soon welcome the brand new table games at its Chances Kelowna venue, following the positive vote of its City Council. As a result of this, the gaming venue would expand its offerings with new table gaming and meet the expectations of its patrons. The opposition of this proposed expansion, rival Playtime Casino also managed to express discontentment.

Bringing expanded gambling to the premises of the gaming floor managed by Great Canadian Gaming Corporation has been a topic of discussion for quite a while. Local officials spent some time evaluating the pros and cons of this move and the ways in which it could affect the community and the local field. This week saw a discussion on the subject once again and the official approval.
Gaming Expansion Incoming

This week saw more conversation on the subject of table games at the gaming venue. Local officials had the chance to evaluate the positive impact of this expansion both on Chances Kelowna and Playtime Casino. The rival venues offer a rather different portfolio to their patrons and the expansion at the former inevitably threatens the prosperity of the latter. It is all about staying relevant and competitive enough.

Chances Kelowna Gaming Expansion Gains More Approval

Brad Desmarais, Vice-President of Casino Community Gaming for British Columbia Lottery Corporation, pointed out that this move is not part of an agenda against the existing casino venue operated by Gateway Casinos. Chances Kelowna customers have previously expressed their desire to see table gaming on the premises of the gaming venue, as this is something they are missing.

Chances Kelowna Wants to Keep Up with the Times via Expansion

In order to meet their expectations and keep them coming back for more instead of making their way to Playtime Casino Kelowna, the City Council decided to consider the possibility of expanding gaming at Chances Kelowna. Four of five gaming tables are about to make their way to the gambling venue and enhance its offerings for a premium feel and more riveting opportunities coming players’ way.
Playtime Casino Kelowna Worried
Mr. Desmarais responded to the heated debate with Playtime Casino Kelowna, pointing out that this move could not be classified as market stealing. The leading principle of British Columbia Lottery Corporation points towards collaboration and complementing, instead of competition that could favor one party solely. Clarissa Pruden, General Manager of Playtime Casino, said that Okanagan is able to offer table games to the people seeking them.

Gateway’s Casino in Kelowna Nears Completion of Renovation Works

Kelowna Casino in the Okanagan Valley is able to offer players Blackjack, Roulette, Pai Gow, Mini-Baccarat, Let it Ride, Three Card Poker and Texas Shoot out Poker. Individuals interested in participating in this type of gaming have the chance to make their way there and gamble. When it comes to the Kelowna gaming field, Ms. Pruden pointed out that Chances Kelowna is known for offering bingo, whereas Playtime Casino Kelowna brings table gaming.

CA$1-Million Lottery Jackpot Prompts Celebration at Kelowna’s Convenience Store, 100 Free Tickets Giveaway

The two locations are located less than five kilometers from each other, making them the closest gambling rivals in British Columbia. In the meantime, locals have already made up their mind, that the two locations offer a rather different experience and each of them targets a particular portion of players. In this sense, they would not cannibalize the local gambling field down the road, as players would not feel tempted to make their way to the rival venue.

Cascades Casino North Bay Reveals Casino Cash Allocations

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is talking over some of the most important details surrounding the new casino location in North Bay. The revenue-sharing agreement has received approval during the most recent North Bay City Council meeting, a step crucial for the future development of the casino complex. It would ensure that the host community is well supported down the road.

Casino venues are among the main supporters of a host community, as the Canadian provinces could confirm. Regular gaming operation is able to sustain many larger projects on a regional level, while also improving the infrastructure and introduce more beautification work to the community. North Bay is paving the way for a positive influence over the course of casino operation.
Revenue-Sharing Agreement

Cascades Casino North Bay is expected to launch operation this year and the Crown corporation is ironing out the last details surrounding its day-to-day operation. This would guarantee smooth operation in the upcoming months of gambling activities in North Bay. Most of the North Bay Council Members gave their approval of the proposed revenue-sharing agreement. The subject was thoroughly reviewed and pros and cons were evaluated.

Cascades Casino North Bay Readies for July Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

It is a standard agreement applicable to all casino locations overseen by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Some 5.25 percent of the first CA$65 million in gaming revenue is going to be bagged by the host community in order to support various projects it has in the works. Such an arrangement is mandatory for every new casino location welcoming casino patrons. It includes the operation of slot machines.

Drive Slowly: North Bay Lowers Speed Limit near Cascades Casino

Table games gaming revenue is subjected to another arrangement, mandating the allocation of four percent of the first CA$65 million. Mayor Al McDonald pointed out that the agreement is a standard one and the City Council could not negotiate a different percentage. Projections at this point are that the city coffers would bag up to CA$2 million on an annual basis.
Launch Expected in July
Moreover, the community is supposed to receive up to CA$800,000 depending on the casino building assessment that is about to take place once the project has been completed. Such financial support would be positively welcomed by the city and the people supporting the project, but just like every larger project, this one also has an opposition. It includes both local residents and council members.

Gateway Casinos, North Bay Work on CA$3m Roundabout Cost-Sharing Agreement

Coun. Scott Robertson is one of the individuals opposing a casino complex in North Bay despite the support it would bring to the city coffers. One of the main reasons why he refused to vote in support of this agreement is the clause that makes it possible for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation to put an end of its support whenever it decides so.

North Bay Casino Triggers Regional Healthy Gambling Relationship Review

In the meantime, the host community does not have the mechanism to exit the agreement. Mr. Robertson also pointed out that the actual gaming revenue generated could not be audited and verified and the city coffers have to trust the Crown corporation. At the end of the day, seven councilors supported the agreement while three opposed it. The CA$31.1-millioncasino complex is currently being built on Pinewood Park Drive, south of Decaire Road.

Woodbine’s Queen’s Plate Postponed, Backstretch Continues Work

Woodbine Entertainment recently made it clear that the racetracks might not work with individuals interested in attending live events, but the racehorses would have to be continuously cared for at the backstretch. As it was recently confirmed, the daily work with them is about to continue is considered essential and it would continue despite the novel coronavirus pandemic outspread across Ontario.

Ontario is among the Canadian provinces experiencing a relatively higher number of COVID-19 cases. As of April 1, the province has confirmed 426 new cases of the novel coronavirus. They swell the overall number of individuals contracting it to 2,392. A total of 3,135 individuals are still waiting for their test results to come back and reveal their health situation. Since the beginning of the outbreak, 68 individuals have lost their lives.
Work Continues

In these trying times, casino venues across the province remained close, as well as racetracks inviting large crowds of horse racing fans on a daily basis. Woodbine Racetrack and Woodbine Mohawk Park are two of those special places that would have to remain closed for fans indefinitely. However, it has been made clear in the past that the caregiving process happening on a daily basis would have to continue.

Woodbine Entertainment Bids Farewell to April 18 Live Racing

Jim Lawson, Chief Executive Officer of Woodbine Entertainment, made it clear that the horses are in need of care and training, as the horse people cannot leave them on their own devices. They have made a special request upon learning that the province is shutting down non-essential businesses. The Government has made it clear that they have permission to continue operation.

Woodbine Ent. Paves the Way for Successful Mohawk Million

Woodbine Entertainment is also certain that all mandatory directions are being strictly followed. The backstretch is now accessible by essential employees and licensed personnel, ultimately limiting the number of individuals making their way there. The temperature of all people entering the racetrack is being monitored in real-time. A total of 33 barns across 200 acres are being used, allowing enough distance between the individuals.
The Queen’s Plate Postponed
Along with these measures, Woodbine Entertainment would now welcome only people directly taking care of each horse to the backstretch, as social distancing is still a measure that should be respected. It should be taken into account that Woodbine Entertainment has not reported any COVID-19 cases and the measures are precautious. In other news, the horse racing leader made an announcement regarding its 2020 racing season.

Woodbine Ent. Implements Safety Measures against COVID-19

Mr. Lawson made it clear that the long-anticipated Queen’s Plate would have to be postponed indefinitely. The CA$1-million race was about to take place on June 27 at Woodbine Racetrack. The Thoroughbred racing event is a traditional one with more than 160 editions. This year was supposed to see its 161st live edition, once again welcoming a specific group of people involved in the local racing field.

Woodbine Optimizes 2020 Live Schedule Eyeing The Queen’s Plate

The Queen’s Plate is also known as the oldest continuously running race in North America and its postponing comes after Woodbine Entertainment made it clear that the live racing season would have to be postponed. It was supposed to launch on April 18, but the growing COVID-19 outspread got in its way. Once the situation is clarified, the horse tracks would be ready to issue their new live schedule with stakes.

BCLC Unveils What Led to CA$700,000 Penalty

British Columbia Lottery Corporation is ready to shed more light on previous happenings involving the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Canada. A decade ago the lottery corporation was hit with a CA$700,000 fine but the reason for this penalty had been kept a secret until now. Provincial casinos were lacking adequate measures in seven high-risk areas ahead of the fine hit.

Money laundering is one of the topics of discussion associated with British Columbia, as its gaming industry has made it possible for millions of dollars to be laundered throughout the years. The brick-and-mortar facility in Richmond, for example, was among the preferred locations for washing dirty cash. Between 2009 and 2010, the casino venues lacked protection in seven areas.
Money Laundering Concerns

FINTRAC monitors the field for any suspicious activities taking place and it established that the British Columbia Lottery Corporation should be fined for the negligence encouraging these deficiencies. The audit that took place back then revealed that casino employees fail to demand verification of the individuals engaging in high roller activities on the premises of the casino venues.

British Columbia Money-Laundering Inquiry Reveals More this Spring

In the past, River Rock Casino in Richmond has been associated with Asian players making their way in, accompanied by loan sharks and large quantities of money in cash. The origin of these large sums remained undisclosed during the in-person gaming happening on the premises of the casino. Instead of seeking more information regarding the high rollers making their way in and gambling, casino staff members were content with as little information as possible.

Cullen Commission Hears Baffling Money Laundering Info

Casino management has listed some of the players spending copious amounts of cash as self-employed or business owners, depriving the authorities of much-needed information about the source of money being laundered through the casino venues in British Columbia. Money-laundering probes have shed more light on the activities, highlighting the duffel bags with bundles of CA$20 bills have been making their way into casino venues.
In addition to that information, FINTRAC’s audit also revealed that the British Columbia Lottery Corporation was unable to report large cash transactions in the most efficient manner. This includes transactions surpassing the CA$10,000 mark that should be reported to the FINTRAC. For about a decade, CBC News has been seeking answers regarding the reasons for the largest penalty ever when it comes to Crown gaming corporation.

Commissioner Austin Cullen Greenlights First Phase of Money Laundering Inquiry

The Crown corporation is issuing the documents regarding this penalty for violations of the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act. B.C. Attorney General David Eby made it clear earlier this year that this release was long overdue and it should happen, as the people deserve to know the truth. Mike Larsen, president of the B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association, has also supported the issuing of documents.

B.C. Money Laundering Public Inquiry Enters Phase Two

Over the past few years, British Columbia Lottery Corporation has implemented many new measures striving to battle money laundering within the vulnerable areas of the province. Back in 2010, former BCLC president and CEO Michael Graydon, made it clear in a fax to FINTRAC that the fine should be dropped and the reasons for it should remain a secret.

OLG Greenlights Casino, Charitable Gaming Reopenings

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recently made it clear that a casino reopening across the province will have to happen in a gradual manner. The Crown corporation will take into account the health situation in every region hosting a brick-and-mortar casino location and proceed with its opening accordingly. Stage 3 of the business reopening plan of Ontario was greenlighted this week.

Ever since March 16 this year, in-person gaming in casino venues and gaming halls has been put on pause, as those venues had to close indefinitely. Physical distancing was and still is the mandatory practice that protects individuals. Both casino patrons and staff members are exposed to the threats of this unprecedented situation so they had to be protected through the closure of the venues.
Gaming Venues Reopen

Now it is time action, as the third phase of the businesses reopening plan issued by the Government of Ontario was recently greenlighted. It includes casino venues and charitable gaming centers across the province, but it has been recently confirmed that the opening will require an evaluation of each individual case. All measures needed will be implemented ahead of the reopening.

OLG Keeps Upwards of CA$156m in Lotto Jackpots Safe

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation made it clear that the casino reopening will come with some conditions and restrictions. All types of gaming hotspots will be allowed to welcome up to 50 individuals at a time, reducing significantly the number of people making their way there. This will promote distance between them and eliminate any potential clusters of people while gambling. They should also keep in mind the two-meter physical distancing requirement.

OLG Seeks Latest Lotto MAX CA$10m Winner

This will be promoted with the switching off of some slot machines available on the premises of the casino floor, reducing their overall capacity. Moreover, the Crown corporation clarified that table gaming will not be available during the first phase of the casino reopening plan in Ontario. The gradual manner will remain consistent in this stage.
Eligible Casinos
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation issued a list of casino locations and gaming venues eligible for reopening whenever they consider themselves prepared enough for it. This includes all Great Canadian Gaming Corporation casinos in the East Gaming Bundle – venues in Kawartha, Belleville, Peterborough, and Thousand Islands. Along with those, venue sin Brantford and Grand River are also allowed to reopen.

OLG Bags CA$500m Loan to Stay Afloat

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment venues are also included in Stage 3 of the business reopening plan. The venues eligible for opening are located in the Southwest Gaming Bundle, spanning across Clinton, Hanover, Woodstock, Chatham, and London. Along with them the North and Central Bundle will also get a green light to relaunch operation. This will impact regions to the likes of Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Rama, and Innisfil.

OLG Seeks Nepean Lotto MAX Fan to Bag CA$15m

It should also be taken into account that Rideau Carleton Casino in Ottawa will also be part of this reopening process. The venue is overseen by HR Ottawa. Now it is up to the casino operators to evaluate the situation in their own and decide which venues are most prepared for a gaming relaunch.